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Finding an exercise class that you love can change how you look. That is why many people start to exercise. The best part is, if you are fortunate enough to find an exercise you love, your whole wellbeing will improve and it will change the way you think and feel. Why not find a Springbok Fitness class near you and try it out today? First Class Free.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistently attending Springbok Fitness will help you sleep better and boosts your energy throughout the day.


Springbok & HiitBok both focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT burns more calories than low intensity cardio and there are limitless benefits!


Eat Sleep Springbok Repeat! Be the best version of you, Enjoy fitness, Make Friends, Be Happy! Become the Best You, Repeat!

       FAQ tip –
What should I wear?

• TRAINERS! Wearing appropriate footwear at Springbok Fitness is most important.

• A SPORTS BRA! Ladies, as you are going to be springing around for up to an hour, make sure you are equipped with a good quality sports bra. 
• BRING A HOODIE OR SWEATSHIRT! After a sweaty session and when your heart rate has dropped, you may want to add a layer of clothing to leave the class in.
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Remember to feel free to discuss any concerns or past injuries with your instructor before class.
24 Hours notice must be given to amend booking.


A few things we’re great at

1. Here at Springbok we are seriously Child Friendly – We encourage parents who want to bring their children to  Springbok Fitness Classes to please do so!

2. We will continue to assess your progress to make sure that your Springbok Fitness Classes are delivering the expected benefits! 

3. We ensure that all our Instructors are Springbok Fitness Certified to ensure that your fitness classes are designed and optimised for you!

Internal Healing

The rebounder has been around for many years and studies have shown that if you use this work out on a consistent basis, the health benefits are second to none. But what is the secret?
Pushing down onto the trampoline creates “gravitational pull” this means that your body weight increases by over 3 times and then at the top of your jump, your body weight becomes weightless.


Some people do not realise the importance of detoxifying the body. Most are familiar with detoxing with food but how important is exercise when you want to detox the body.
Naturally our body creates waste from being bombarded daily, with toxins in our food and in our environment. If we do not remove these we may feel sluggish, unhealthy and unhappy.

Strengthen your core

If our core is strong, we are less likely to develop an injury.

Jumping up and down on an unstable surface challenges the core muscles, making the tummy flatter and (ladies!) improves pelvic floor muscles.

Allow Springbok Fitness to energise your body and your mind.

Where to find us

Our Locations

Springbok Fitness locations have a wide spread from as far as Harlow all the way to Chelmsford. See our full list below


The Link, Parsloe Rd, Harlow
CM19 4RT


St Marys Church Hall, Coppice Row Epping CM16


Bishops Stortford Rugby Club
Hadham Rd, Bishops Stortford
CM23 2QE


Upper Clapton Rugby Club
Upland Rd, Epping
CM16 6NL


Mayhem Theatre Arts
2 Brewery Rd, Hoddesdon
EN11 8HF


Parsonage Downs
Great Dunmow, Essex


The Stock Yard
Bassetts Farm, Bassetts Lane
Willingale, Ongar, Essex


Beaulieu Square, Centenary Way


The Secret of Success

At Springbok Fitness, we are passionate about what we do. Our secret lies with a combination of creating the perfect balance between getting the best out of everyone individually and producing classes that give the attendee everything that they require from a group exercise class.
We are so proud of our team of instructors. We believe that a great instructor should inspire and challenge each individual.


All hand-picked and certified through our Springbok Fitness Academy and trained in First Aid.


We are constantly working on ways to improve your Springbok Fitness experience. Our personal touch ensures that all attendees are getting the most out of their workout. We pride ourselves on keeping all classes fresh. Springbok & HiitBok have regular adaptations and additions and new tracks are added every quarter.


At Springbok Fitness, we pride ourselves on being ‘real’ people with a real passion for what we do. Our passion is delivered to you through our teaching and we consistently aim to build relationships and bring out the best in all of our clients.
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Life is busy! Juggling work, studies, family and looking after the home is time consuming. Throw a couple of training days in the mix – and for some people, that is just an impossible task. Good time management is key. We aim to work our timetable around your busy schedule. Did you know that a 1 hour Springbok workout is just 4% of your day?


Springbok Fitness knows that keeping our clients happy is true success. We are very grateful for our satisfied and loyal clients, that include; families, teachers, local businesses medical & sports professionals and students.
We love to capture our moments, with action shots, during class or post class ‘sweaty selfies’ Do you recognise anyone?

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Such an amazing class always come away feeling like Iv worked really hard! Jade is a lovely instructor and always pushes everyone and there always such a nice and welcoming atmosphere, never enjoyed an exercise class as much as I do springBok! You’ll definitely be addicted after coming to one class.

Springbok Fitness Client 1

Great workout! Great atmosphere! Instructors are all lovely, energetic, inspiring ladies! Thoroughly have enjoyed all the sessions so far!

Springbok Fitness Client 2

Fun class, different and enjoyable every time! I’ve started to see results in fitness and endurance after only a few sessions! 

Springbok Fitness Client 3


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So you’ve heard of Springbok: A 1 hour class that is performed on mini trampolines using hand-weights to choreographed routines.
This class has been created with elements of Bootcamp and Body Pump for a full body tone. Springbok is ‘cardio’ driven but our added hand-weights bring a whole new element to our workout.   

But have you tried HiitBok yet? HiitBok was the second addition onto the Springbok Fitness timetable and the main focus of the class is the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
HiitBok is a 45 minute class that is non-choreographed but instead in a structured timer former format. This class is still based around the mini trampoline, with added floor work. HiitBok include some extra apparatus to work all muscle groups individually.

Music is a huge part of our class. We are constantly researching motivational music to marry up with our routines and workouts, to bring you the best full body exercise class around.
Both of our class options welcomes all ages and abilities.

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