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“As the founder of Springbok Fitness, I hope that my clients can see my passion for this exercise.

I have spent a long time researching rebounding, before I became a teacher. I whole heartedly believe in what I am doing and I want to spread the word on how to control your health by introducing this addictive exercise into your life.

Don’t making losing weight your main goal, make healing and improving your health the ultimate goal and relish the added bonuses of losing weight, toning up and making great friends along the way”



Springbok Fitness specialises in this full body cellular exercise known as “Urban Rebounding”

It is performed on mini trampolines in a group environment.

Rebounders create a safe, low impact but high intensity exercise. The high quality trampolines absorb the impact and as a result, the body doesn’t suffer trauma and the health benefits are like no other.

We work to uplifting, motivational music to choreographed routines and together with your instructors, this creates the optimum atmosphere. Most of our routines include hand weights (which we provide) as an optional extra to promote that extra fat burn mixed with cardio.

Each session includes alternating cardio and toning tracks for a complete body work out.

If you want to improve your general health, tone up, lose weight or all of the above – then this really is the exercise for you!

“Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man” NASA

One of the most wonderful things about Springbok Fitness is that anybody can participate and achieve optimal health and fitness.

We want to reassure anyone trying this out for the first time, that not only are we hoping for the ultimate work out in each class, but to create a fun and laid back vibe.

We provide child friendly classes during the day. This means that anyone is welcome. Mums, if you are struggling to juggle children, school runs etc your fitness doesn’t have to suffer. Come along to our classes with or without the children.